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“As per the RBI direction on implementation of branch categorization (based on Census 2011), there will be a change in the categorization of 81 branch (List of branches) with effect from 01/04/2017. Since, existing locker related service charges and the special individual status of customers are based on the categorization of branches, there will be a revision in applicable service charge”. For further details please contact bank branch.


In case your account gets wrongly debited due to failed ATM transactions, you are requested to lodge a complaint immediately(within 30 days from the date of failed transaction) with the bank which has issued the ATM card.


Format for submitting the same is available at the ATM counters / branches. Kindly fill-up the transaction details accurately as per the format, so that your complaint can be resolved quickly.

As per guidelines of RBI, following stipulations are applicable to ATM transactions in India wef. 01st January, 2022
The number of free transactions (maximum five per month) permitted through other bank ATMs to Savings Bank Account holders shall be inclusive of all types of transactions i.e. both financial and non-financial. For the customers of other banks, maximum cash withdrawal would be Rs.10,000/- per transaction. Any transactions through ATMs of other banks for more than five times in a month may attract levy of service charges. (Rs.21+ service tax for cash withdrawal & Rs.11+ service tax /- for other transactions above the free limits). The facility of free transactions at other bank ATMs is available only to the Savings Bank Account holders.
We shall make all efforts to redress your complaints on failed ATM transactions within a maximum period of 5 working days from the date of receipt of your complaint. For any delay in resolving the complaint, bank shall compensate with an amount of Rs. 100/- per day for the delayed period. However, no compensation shall be provided if the claim is lodged after 30 days from the date of failed ATM transaction.
Charges for Debit card Usage at other Bank ATMs revised with effect from 01/01/2022 is as follows. 
Category Revised charges
(Excluding GST)
Domestic Financial transactions Rs. 21
Domestic Non – financial transactions Rs. 11
International Financial transactions Rs. 150
International non – financial transactions Rs. 25

Retail Loan
Retail Loan

Loan Processing Charges

For Loans up to and including Rs. 0.25lac.

No processing fees

For Loans above Rs. 0.25lac.

1.00 % of loan amount

Upfront fee
Prepayment Charges

Rates applicable for Pre - payment / Pre - closure of loans and other credit facilities

Loans/Credit Facilities with Fixed Rate of Interest


Pre - payment Penalty/ Pre - Closure Charges

Term Loans and other credit facilities (OD/CC/PC/BP/DC/FBP) of MSEs up to Rs. 50.00 lacs


Term loans to non-individuals (other than MSE loans up to Rs.50.00 lacs)

Payment / Closure by own funds or Takeover by other Banks/FIs

Charge applicable
Upto Rs.1.00 Crore
4 %
Above Rs.1.00 Crore
3 %

Term loans to individuals

operative limits (OD/CC/PC/BP/DC/FBP)

Term Loans and other credit facilities (OD/CC/PC/BP/DC/FBP) of MSEs above Rs. 50.00 lacs

Loans/Credit Facilities with Floating Rate of Interest


Pre - payment Penalty/ Pre - Closure Charges

Term Loans and other credit facilities (OD/CC/PC/BP/DC/FBP) of MSEs


Term loans to individuals for purposes other than business


Term loans to individuals for business purposes

Payment / Closure by own funds or Takeover by other Banks/FIs

Charge applicable
Upto Rs.1.00 Crore
4 %
Above Rs.1.00 Crore
3 %

Term loans to non-individuals other than MSEs

Operative Limits (OD/CC/PC/BP/DC/FBP) other than MSEs

No due Certificate
Solvency Certificate

Up to Rs 1.00 lac : Rs.500.00

Above Rs 1.00 lac upto Rs 10.00 lac : Rs 1000.00

Above Rs 10.00 lac upto Rs 25.00 lac : Rs 2000.00

Above Rs 25.00 lac upto Rs 50.00 lac : Rs 3000.00

Above Rs 50.00 lac upto Rs 100.00 lac: Rs.4000.00

Above Rs 100.00 lac upto Rs 500.00 lac:  Rs.5000.00

Above Rs 500.00 lac: Rs.10000.00

Charges for changing from fixed to floating rates of interest

Option once exercised cannot be changed

Charges for changing from float to fixed rates of interest

Option once exercised cannot be changed


Penal charges are applicable for non-compliances of material terms and conditions in the loan contract.


Definition of Financial Default and Non-Financial Default:

Type of Default

Instances of Default

Applicable Penal Charges

Defaulted amount
Financial Default

(Applicable for all credit facilities, irrespective of category)*

 i.     Temporary over drawings un-regularized after due date in the limit
 ii.     Default in payment of installment / interest / charges /any other dues
 iii.     Delay in realization of Cheque/inland bills etc., purchased
 iv.     Non achievement of DCCO-Project Loans

6% p.a on the defaulted period on the defaulted amount.

SCF – 4% p.a on the defaulted period on the defaulted amount during grace period & 6% thereafter.

SIB Builder plus- 6% p.a on the defaulted period on the defaulted amount.

Non-Payment of claim period commission for bank guarantees within 15 days of BG expiry - Prevailing 1 Year MCLR + 2% p.a

Amount of overdrawing/missed EMI/nonpaid interest etc.

·         For recalled accounts, the default amount will be the outstanding balance in the account

Non-financial Default

Detailed below (To be captured account wise)

3% on the defaulted period on the defaulted amount for each instance of default.

Outstanding balance in the account

*Penal charges are not applicable for Priority Sector advances up to Rs. 25,000.00


The revised penal charges are applicable for all accounts from July 1st, 2024. The Penal charges will attract GST as per norms.

For the following facilities, the penal interest @ 2% will be applicable and are exempted from the purview of revised guideline on Levying Penal charges.

a.       External Commercial Borrowings

b.      Trade Credits & Structured Obligations (as per Master Direction - External Commercial Borrowings, Trade Credits and Structured Obligations)

c.       Rupee/foreign currency export credit

d.      Other foreign currency loans


Material Terms and Conditions of Loan Contract:


Renewal of credit limit within stipulated time frame


Submission of stock statement (Applicable only for working capital accounts where DP to be derived in CBS) within stipulated time frame


Satisfaction of charges registered by other banks (CERSAI/ROC etc.) within stipulated time frame


Obtention of Technical vetting and /or Expert Valuation Report/Branch confirmation etc., for securities within stipulated time frame


Rectification of primary/collateral security related issues within stipulated time frame


Completion of security perfection(EM creation/CERSAI registration /LSR compliance etc.,) within stipulated time frame


Obtention of external rating for the entity within stipulated time frame


Rectification of credit audit/inspection comments/concurrent audit comment/previous sanction comment (Specify the applicable ones only) within stipulated time frame


Correction of wrong reporting in CICs/CRILC/RBI Defaulter list/SAL/ASL etc., within stipulated time frame


Any breach in financial covenant(Financial covenants to be listed specifically)


Conducting Stock audit/Legal Audit within stipulated time frame & Any shortfall in DP on stock audit


Obtention of local body license/ other licenses/permissions/approvals required for running business within stipulated time frame


Submission of AFS, ITR, Tax Audit reports, GSTR Validation report, etc., within stipulated time frame


Obtention/submission of Work Orders, Department certificate, other documents stipulated for OD Contractor limit-applicable only for OD contractors within stipulated time frame


Change in management / unit location / activity can be done with intimation to the Bank


Multiple banking facilities to be availed with banker’s consent only


Registration of charges with ROC to be done within stipulated time frame


Obtention of certificates(CA Certificate/engineer certificate etc.,)/Documents(closure of accounts with other banks etc.,) from borrower within stipulated time frame

Insurance of assets within stipulated time frame

Events which increases the credit risk other than those detailed above