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“As per the RBI direction on implementation of branch categorization (based on Census 2011), there will be a change in the categorization of 81 branch (List of branches) with effect from 01/04/2017. Since, existing locker related service charges and the special individual status of customers are based on the categorization of branches, there will be a revision in applicable service charge”. For further details please contact bank branch.


Annual Maintenance Charges for all debit cards, except MasterCard World EMV CHIP debit card is revised as given below: 
Card Variants
Revised AMC
Conditions where AMC will be waived
For cards issued till 31st March, 2016
For cards issued from 1st April, 2016 onwards
MasterCard Titanium EMV/Master Card Gold/Maestro
Rs. 150+ GST (annually)
Rs. 200 + GST (annually)
VISA Classic EMV/VISA Classic magnetic stripe
RuPay Classic EMV/RuPay Classic magnetic stripe
RuPay Platinum EMV / RuPay Platinum magnetic stripe/VISA Platinum magnetic stripe/VISA Platinum EMV / MasterCard Platinum magnetic stripe
Rs. 150+ GST (annually)
Rs. 200 + GST (annually)
AQB of Rs. Rs. 50,000 in the account
MasterCard World EMV
Rs. 100 + GST (quarterly)
AQB of Rs. 1,00,000 in the account or Rs. 5,00,000 deposit in SB linked Customer ID.
  • The revised AMC will be applicable for all existing cardholders with effect from1st May, 2016 onwards.
  • For all new debit cards issued from 1st April, 2016 onwards, AMC will be collected at Rs. 200 + GST. 
  • For all the existing Debit Cards issued in current accounts, the revised AMC of Rs. 400 + GST will be collected with effect from 01/04/2017.
  • For Basic variant Debit Cards [RuPay Classic EMV, VISA Classic EMV, MasterCard Titanium EMV], AMC from the first year will be applicable for cards issued from 01.01.2018 onwards. Click Here for Details


In case your account gets wrongly debited due to failed ATM transactions, you are requested to lodge a complaint immediately(within 30 days from the date of failed transaction) with the bank which has issued the ATM card.


Format for submitting the same is available at the ATM counters / branches. Kindly fill-up the transaction details accurately as per the format, so that your complaint can be resolved quickly.

As per the RBI guidelines, following stipulations are applicable to ATM transactions in India w.e.f. 1stJuly-2011
The number of free transactions (maximum five per month) permitted through other bank ATMs to Savings Bank Account holders shall be inclusive of all types of transactions i.e. both financial and non-financial. For the customers of other banks, maximum cash withdrawal would be Rs.10,000/- per transaction. Any transactions through ATMs of other banks for more than five times in a month may attract levy of service charges. (Rs.15+ service tax for cash withdrawal & Rs.5+ service tax /- for other transactions above the free limits). The facility of free transactions at other bank ATMs is available only to the Savings Bank Account holders.
We shall make all efforts to redress your complaints on failed ATM transactions within a maximum period of 7 working days from the date of receipt of your complaint. For any delay in resolving the complaint, bank shall compensate with an amount of Rs. 100/- per day for the delayed period. However, no compensation shall be provided if the claim is lodged after 30 days from the date of failed ATM transaction.
The charges for Usage of Other Banks’ ATMs by our debit card holders will be revised w.e.f 13.12.2014. The new charges are as follows:-
Category Revised charges
(Inclusive of Service tax)
Domestic Financial transactions Rs. 20
Domestic Non – financial transactions Rs. 9
International Financial transactions Rs. 150
International non – financial transactions Rs. 25

Retail Loan
Retail Loan
Loan Processing Charges 0.25% to 1%
Prepayment Charges  
If closed from own sources after 2 years Nil
If closed from own sources before 2 years 1% of the prepaid amount.
If closed through take over by other banks 2% of the pre-paid amount

Note: Pre-payment charges in respect of housing loans and other retail loans in the name of individuals , having floating rate of interest, is waived from 16.01.2012

No due Certificate NIL




Solvency Certificate

Up to Rs.0.25 lac : Rs.100.00
Above Rs.0.25 lac to Rs. 1 lac : Rs.250.00
Above Rs.1 lac to Rs. 5 lacs : Rs.500.00
Above Rs.5 lacs to Rs. 10 lacs : Rs.1000.00
Above Rs.10 lacs : Rs.100.00 per lac and part thereof
Charges for late payment of EMI Penal Additional Interest at 2%
Charges for changing from fixed to floating rates of interest Option once exercised cannot be changed
Charges for changing from float to fixed rates of interest Option once exercised cannot be changed
Charges for furnishing copy of CIBIL / any other credit information company report, to the borrowers at their request Rs.50/-