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Dear Sir/Madam,
Subject : GST Transition and Impact
You must be aware that a comprehensive indirect tax reform by the name of GST is proposed to be introduced in India w.e.f. 01-July-2017. The said reform is a fundamental change in the framework of indirect taxes and impact not only the rates of tax but also various business processes and associated documentation.
An important aspect of transition into the GST regime is heavy emphasis on online matching of credits. This will require us to include your GST Registration Numbers into our system so that we can upload the information into the returns to be filed by us. Therefore, we request you to kindly provide the GST registration details as per the Annexure made available herewith.
In case you have multiple registrations in different States, you may please inform all such GST registration numbers to us. In such cases, your default GST registration number will be the one corresponding to your registered address in our records.


You may contact us on the following email ID/contact details for further information/assistance if any:

Contact person
E-mail ID
Contact Number
Asheekha Salim
0487-2420020 (Extn-313)

Thanking You,
Yours faithfully
C.P Gireesh
Chief Financial Officer
The South Indian Bank Ltd.