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The South Indian Bank (SIB) Limited has introduced Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) for handling all type of Information System (IS) security related incidents in order to assist customers of SIB.

If you come across any IS / IT related incidents such as

1) Information disclosure
2) Phishing / Skimming
3) Data leakage/loss
4) Identity theft
5) Denial of service attacks
6) Any other issue (Describe)

Kindly report it to the below mentioned contact no and send us the filled form to [email protected] at the earliest

Or call us at Mob: +91 8113011199 

Incident Logging Form (ILF)
Customer Name who is reporting the Incident
South Indian Bank Account No (16 digits) and Name of Branch
Complete Address
Mobile No :
Incident Occurred
      Date:                      Time:
Incident Description
Name, Date and time the incident communicated to the single point of contact (IS incident handling Coordinator OR to the Branch Staff OR CustomerCare)
Signature with Date

Send us the filled form to at the earliest