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What is Any Branch Banking concept?


The main concept behind any branch banking is  ‘one should bank with the bank and not with the branch’. Customer can do transactions in any branch of South Indian Bank.

There are two types of ABB accounts :

SB Privilege :  This is meant for savings account holders and the average monthly balance required is Rs.5000/.

CD Premium : This is meant for current account holders. Minimum average monthly balance needed is Rs.5000 and there are several categories like E,D,C,B,A,Ruby,Diamond depends on the average balance maintaining.


What are the advantages of Any Branch Banking to me

The prime advantage of ABB is that the customer can bank with any branch of South Indian Bank.

There are  2 types of transaction – Parent Branch and ABB transaction.

Parent branch Transactions  are those occurring in the branch in which the account was opened.

ABB transactions are those occurring in any branch of South Indian Bank.
As per the classification of the Premium or Privilege, monthly free limits are offered for each type of transaction. However on exceeding monthly free limits,nominal charges will be collected.Non maintenance of the prescribed balance for any month will attract limited charges for the concerned month.