Usually Phishing attempts will be in the form of a spam mail which contains clickable links that will direct you to the 'spoofed website',which scamsters have created. A database of valid email addresses will be procured by the fraudsters over a period of time in advance through publicly available sources. The website to which the email directs will have the same look and feel as the bank's website. The URL or the website address of such fake pages will be created by the scamsters on freely available web hosting servers. Our Bank website's URL is,. The fraudsters create fake websites with URL almost similar to the real one .For example or .Those who are unaware of this fact enter their login details which will be captured in the background by the fraudsters.The mis-users then log-in remotely into such victims’ accounts and transfer funds into thier account. The bank has employed the best possible security software and firewalls to protect our customers sensitive information. On the other hand we expect our customers to be alert of the above facts.


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