The threat of mobile phone malwares, though not pronounced still, is expected to become a nightmare for mobile phone users in the not too distant future. Mobile malwares spread or infect other handsets without any user interaction through bluetooth e-mails or infected multimedia message . There are some spying tools that can be installed on the target mobile phones to keep a log of each and every activity of the user. Such logged information may be forwarded to spying server for viewing and misusing .

TipsTo Deal With Mobile Malwares

Be particularly careful when accepting files via Bluetooth, in order to avoid infected files.


If your mobile become  infected, turn off your Bluetooth functions, so that the malware does not find new targets.

Delete messages from unknown senders before opening them.
Do not install programs if you are unsure of their origin.
Download ring tones and games only from legal, official Web sites.

Immediately delete the infected application programs, and reinstall them.

Install an antivirus program.