South Indian Bank has adopted most of the advanced technologies like Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and ATM services for providing Banking services to it's Customers. While customers are fully responsible for taking adequate precaution in operating their Banking accounts through internet, we would like to ensure that the customers are aware of certain key areas of internet banking threats, frauds etc. This section deals with 'On-Line Customer Education'  giving certain terminologies and their respective meaning with regard to Internet Banking and other alternate delivery channels. We are hopeful that you find these details useful in enriching your knowledge  that may pave the way for a SAFE - BANKING with SIB.

e-Threats ( Internet Banking Threats )    ATM RELATED THREATS     MOBILE MALWARES
PHISHING   SKIMMING   TIps to deal with mobile malwares
 What is phishing?

What is skimming?    
 How the phishers operate?      

How the skimmers operate?  
Tips to protect youself from skimming

 What is spoofing?


 How the spoofers operate?


  What is vishing?


  How the vishers operate?

How to protect yourself from e-Threats?