About MasterCard International:

MasterCard International is a leading global payments solutions company that provides a broad variety of innovative services in support of their global members’ credit, deposit access, electronic cash, business-to-business and related payment programs. MasterCard international manages a family of well-known, widely accepted payment cards brands including MasterCard®, Maestro®, and Cirrus® and serves financial institutions, consumers and businesses in over 210 countries and territories.

What is a Debit Card:

Maestro® is the Global Debit Card cum ATM Card product of MasterCard International. This card can be used to make on-line bill payments through 49,000 Point of Sale (POS) terminals in India and 70,00,000 merchant establishments worldwide exhibiting “MAESTRO” logo. In other words the Debit Card holder can pay their bills, at shops exhibiting “Maestro” Logo, using this card instead by cash or cheque. The card holder need not carry cash in future when all the shops provide this facility. SIB’s Debit Card can also be used as an ATM card within the ATM network of the Bank. People around the world prefer debit card over credit card since the spending can be restricted to what they have in their account. Since payment is effected only if there is available balance in the customer’s account, it is absolutely risk-free for the banks. SIB plans to issue debit cards liberally as an added convenience to its customers which in turn reduces the pressure on cash transactions at the counters.

How is CIRRUS relevant to other bank’s Maestro Card holders:

SIB has acquired “CIRRUS”, the product of MasterCard International. By doing so other bank’s Maestro Card holders can make use SIB’s networked ATMs for their requirements at a nominal cost. SIB’s Maestro Debit card holders can also operate any of the 6700 on-line ATMs in India belonging to different banks and 8,20,000 ATMs worldwide exhibiting “CIRRUS” logo.

What is the advantage of Global Debit card to SIB Customers:

Virtually the SIB’s Global Maestro Debit card help the customer with convenience banking in two ways.
(1) The SIB customers have access for cash withdrawal, balance checking, account statement etc through a large network of ATMs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
(2) The SIB customer can make on-line bill payments through 49,000 POS terminals arranged by various banks at merchant establishments in India and 70,00,000 worldwide.
(3) The card will be a great boon to the esteemed customers of bank especially to the overseas travellers and NRIs.

Why SIB has preferred Maestro Debit Card:

Maestro Debit cards unlike other cards is a PIN based card. The bill payments through POS terminals will be made only after the card holder has authorised the payments by entering the Personal Identification Number (PIN) issued by the bank and known to the customer alone. Thus it avoids totally, un-authorised bill payments and hence it is safer, more secure offering complete peace of mind to SIB customers.

How to apply for the Global Card:

All the present and prospective customers are eligible for this card.
The customer should have a Savings Bank account with any of the networked branch of the Bank.
Application in the prescribed format should be submitted with the branch where the customer maintains the account.

Please contact our branch nearest to you. The branch address, e-mail id etc. are made available through ‘branch locater’ facility in the web-site. For more information, please mail to  debitcard@sib.co.in