Dear Customer,

As per RBI directions for enhancing security on Debit card transactions, all debit card holders shall now have the facility to control the transaction channels on their debit card (enable/disable) and set custom limit for each of the channels within the overall limit assigned to the card variant. The different transaction channels available on debit cards are as below:

Usage Type
ATM Withdrawal
(Within India)
(Outside India)
Purchase at PoS Terminals
Online/eCommerce Purchase

Contactless# (Tap & Pay) Transactions


*Certain cards are issued for Domestic usage Only and international transactions on such cards cannot be enabled.

#Contactless transactions are enabled only on Debit cards starting with 409304

In compliance to RBI directions, Debit Card transaction channels which have not been used in the last one year (except Domestic ATM Withdrawal and Domestic PoS Purchase) shall be disabled with effect from 30.09.2020 and the same can be enabled by the customer any time through SIB Mirror+ - Mobile banking App, SIBerNet – Net banking, ATM and Branch Channel. Separate limit for each of the debit card transaction modes can also be set through these channels.

How to access the functionality?

SIB Mirror+ - Mobile Banking App

Mirror+ Login-> Accounts -> Debit Card -> Manage Usage

SIBerNet – Net Banking

SIBerNet Login-> Other Services -> Manage ATM Card usage


For clarifications, contact us on toll free 1800 102 9408/1800 1800 425 1809 or write to us at [email protected].   

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