In a fast developing country like India, the aspirations of the youth are sky high. The young population of our country is the strength of our country. The recent changes in our corporate identity are in tune with the aspirations of today’s youth. We as a tech savvy bank have powered this product with the best technology features.
As the name denotes, the age group is 20 years to 35 years.
  1. All students who have completed 20 years.
  2. Self-employed persons in the age group of 20 to 35 years.
  3. Employees of Public and Private Organizations of the relevant age group with particular   focus on Software professionals.
  4. All practicing Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Lawyers in the relevant age group.
  5. Young business people.
  6. High net worth agriculturists.
  7. High net worth NRIs
  8. Spouse of above category people.
Features of ‘Youth Plus’ Account
  • Average Monthly Balance Charges
    • 2500 in Metro & Urban branches
    • 1000 in Semi Urban & Rural branches
  • Debit Card 
    • International RuPay/Visa Classic Debit Card
    • FREE usage of our ATM net work
  • FREE Any Branch Banking facility
  • FREE Internet Banking and Mobile banking Service
  • NEFT/RTGS through Mobile Banking/Sibernet