Apply online through SIB Internet Banking or SIB Mirror+ to avail a discount of Rs.50/- each per gram of gold applied. 

SGB Series III 2021-22 Features

Bond Issue - Starting Date
May 31, 2021
Bond Issue - Ending Date
June 04, 2021
Date of Issuance
June 08, 2021
Issue Price
Offline rate Rs.4,889/gram of gold
Online Rate Rs.4,839/gram of gold
Minimum investment
1 gram
Maximum investment
4 kg for individuals and Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), 20 kg for trusts, Universities and Charitable Institutions in a fiscal year from April-March.
Rate of Interest
2.50 % (fixed rate) per annum
Frequency of Interest Payment
Half Yearly Rests
Mode of Holding
Paper Form or Demat Form
8 years with exit option from 5th year on interest payment date.
No TDS, but annual interest is fully taxable.
Capital Gain Tax is exempted if held till maturity.