SIB Mirror
Winner of IDRBT Banking Application Contest-IBAC- Award 2016
Reflection of South Indian Bank…! Digital Information bank for the tech savvy generation from SIB. Get access to all SIB related information through a single app.  SIB Mirror- Our Pride is enriched with different kind of features, which can increase your convenience and are updated with latest technology available in market without compromising the security aspects.
Start using the app 
  • Install the application from the respective App stores.
  • Enter your details (Name, Mobile number, Email id, whether A/c holder or not) and save the profile.
  • Explore the Digital Information bank and feel the uniqueness of our innovations


What's New

E- Lock - Now secure all your accounts on a single click
Now you can lock/unlock your accounts through E-LOCK feature available in latest update of SIB Mirror. All digital debit transactions (SIBerNet, Mobile Banking and Debit Cards) in your account will be blocked if your account is locked through this feature. Now the key to your accounts is secure in your hands.

  1. E-statement- Transaction details of all operative accounts , deposits & loans
  2. Cheque Status- Details of all cheques in clearing and individual cheques.
  3. ATM card block
  4. Locker availability
  5. IMPS transaction status
  6. Lodge complaints
  7. Shake to know your balance (Refer Menus  ->My Account for details) 
  8. Augmented Reality 
  9. Balance speedometer
  10. Account Report through Graphs 
  11. Gesture Support- Acts as a shortcut to different menus; Draw the symbol (given in the gesture list) on the home /SIB gesture screen for opening the respective menu;( available in Android & iOS) 
  12. Click to share– Helps to share customer’s account  information via Bluetooth, social media, etc 
  13. Stop CLICKing and Start SAYing…!!! SIB Mirror comes with an exciting Voice Recognition feature to navigate through different menus . 
  14. Accessible to both Customers and Non-Customers 
  15. Self explanatory icons which makes it user-friendly 
  16. Personalized User interface
  17. Application is free of cost 


  • Calculators-  For calculating Loan EMI/RD/FD/Compounded FD and for requesting Loan /RD/FD
  • Forex rates–  For viewing the Current Forex rates 
  • SIB Locator-  For locating the nearest SIB Branch/ATM; New option to  search State wise & City wise    
  • Deposit Rates-For viewing up Current Deposit rates
  • Contact Us- Direct Contact numbers to all the departments with single click  and call option.
  • About Us- Glimpse of The South Indian Bank and the Frequently Asked   questions on different products
  • My Account(For SIB Customers only)- SHAKE your phone to access all your   account details.
Sub menus:-
  • E-Statement: Can view the transaction details of all accounts linked to the   registered mobile number.
  • Cheque Status- Details of all cheques in clearing and individual cheques.
  • More Services- Under this option, Locker Availability & IMPS transaction  status options are available
  • ATM Card Block- In case of lost/ theft of your debit card, you may use this option to disable that card.
  • Lodge complaint- If you have any complaints regarding our technology product, you may use this option and it will be addressed at the earliest.
  • Personalized UI- My Account icon with user photo and menu with user photo and customized wallpaper
  • Account Report through Graphs
Additional features:
  • Need to register for “My Account” through SIB Mirror.
  • Have to set a “Pattern lock” for further login to “My Account”.
  • Shake to know the balance- Displays current balance 
  • Shake to get last one month’s transaction
  • Click to share- Helps to share customer’s basic details (A/c no., IFSC, Name,  Bank name) with friends/family via Bluetooth, social media etc..
  • Deposits Rates- For viewing the Current Interest rates for different tenure
OS & Versions supported
SIB Mirror supports Android Versions from 2.3 onwards and iOS 7.1 onwards.
For further support contact: 18004251809