Web based inward Remittance for instant account credit to SIB Customers from following exchange houses.

  • UAE Exchange, UAE
  • AL Ansari Exchange, UAE
  • AL Ahalia Exchange, UAE
  • AL Fardan Exchange, UAE

It is an instantaneous credit facility to credit the beneficiary’s account within seconds of remitting the funds. The remitter & beneficiary will be informed through SMS within 60 seconds of credit to beneficiary’s account, ie by the time the remitter leaves the EH, he will be informed of the status of the credit.

Salient features of SIB Flash

  • Real time credit facility to send remittances through all branches of above mentioned Exchange Houses
  • The beneficiary’s account will be credited within seconds and that too without manual intervention
  • The remitter & beneficiary gets an SMS confirmation on completion of the remittance process within 60 seconds.
  • No additional charges to be borne by the remitter under SIB Flash. Only the normal charges applicable as in the case of SIB Express facility is collected by the EH.
  • It is a web based remittance via SIB Payment Hub.
  • State of the art security features are in place for this remittance facility.