SIB FAST MONEY is the easiest, quickest and cheapest mode of transferring money to any South Indian Bank Account. This scheme enables online credit to any Savings Bank, Current Account or Over Draft Account maintained in any net-worked branch of the Bank, thanks to South Indian Bank’s Core Banking Solution. What is more, it is SAFE AND FAST !


  • Any Savings Bank Account (OR) Current Account (OR) Over Draft Account in any of our networked branch can now receive instant remittances.
  • The remittance can be made from any networked branch spread across the country.
  • You can also use this facility to quickly send funds, to any person who has an account in any of our networked branches. If required, the receiver can immediately withdraw the money using his ATM card or from his branch.
  • The remitter can be a customer or even a non-customer. If the remitter is a customer, the funds can be provided at his branch by giving a cheque on his account or by remitting cash at any of the networked branches. If the remitter is a non-customer, he can directly remit cash at any of the networked branches.


  • The commission collected for this Electronic Fund Transfer is nominal.
  • As there are no extra charges for the instant credit and as the postal charges are not included, the SIB FAST MONEY charges are effectively lesser, making it the cheapest mode of INSTANT money transfer.
  • As the credit happens instantaneously at the receiving branch end, you save on the time, which used to take for a Mail Transfer/Demand Draft to be delivered at the destination.
  • There are no special minimum balance requirements for using this facility.
  • You can remit up to a maximum amount of Rs.2,00,000/- per transaction *.
  • The remitter need not be a customer of South Indian Bank.
* Fund transfer above Rs.50,000/- permitted only by way of transfer.

Please contact any of our networked branches to enjoy the speed of SIB FAST MONEY .