New HL Borrowers:
For meeting expenditure like purchase of household articles, White Goods, Electronic items, Computer equipments and Peripherals, Expenses to be incurred on Furnishing, modular kitchen, Furniture etc. or a combination of these requirements in new residential building/ unit.
Existing Housing Loan Customers:
Meeting Expenditure for Replacement of the above items, in existing residential building/ unit.
Target Customers
      Individuals who are our HL Borrowers (Domestic/NRI)
  • Property Owner of the residential property to be the borrower
  • Spouse (if applicable)/income supporting person to be co-borrower/s or guarantor/s as the case may be
Quantum of Finance
Rs 0.50 lacs
Rs 100.00 lacs
     Eligibility- Minimum Bureau Score of 730 without any adverse remarks
  • Primary   : Hypothecation of assets acquired utilizing the loan.
  • Collateral: Security for the loan will be Mortgage of Land and    building for which the Home Loan is sanctioned if spill over value is available or Undertaking from all the property owners to the effect that the Housing Loan property secured to us will not be released during the pendency of this loan.
Rate of Interest
Repayment Period
  • Maximum 84 months (EMIs) or EMIs less than or equal to remaining tenure of the HL whichever is earlier
  • No Holiday Period is allowed.
  • 0.50% of loan amount (Minimum Rs 2000 + GST; Maximum Rs 10000.00 + GST)
  • No Pre Closure Charges
      Applicable set of documents as the SIB Home Loan