The Bank has introduced an attractive product, SIB collect, for fast collection of outstation instruments.The customers of any particular town can deposit their collection instruments and other request in the drop boxes available at all branches at that centre.All the instruments are pooled at a central office via fast courier services and collected very fast. The bank also makes use of its anywhere banking facility for the fast collection of the instruments. This facility is now available at Ernakulam, Thrissur, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai.

  • It is a centralized cheque collection system.
  • It is based on the drop box concept
  • It gives freedom to the customer to deposit instruments at convenient centers
  • It gives freedom to the customer to transact at convenient time
  • It saves time to the customer by just dropping the instruments instead of waiting at the counters for acknowledgement.
  • It makes use of any where banking facility concept of finnacle for fast collection.
  • It saves the time of the branches in doing outstation collection and dispatch
  • It is a system based on trust on the banking officials