RuPay PaySecure

RuPay™ is the online security facility that is being supported by NPCI to all RuPay cardholders for carrying out online transactions in a safe and secure manner. All South Indian Bank RuPay Debit cards can be used online for e-commerce transactions without any registration. In this simplified yet secure payment method, there is no need to remember any password, image or phrase to carry out the e-commerce transactions.

Please find the below process flow for carrying out e-commerce transactions using South Indian Bank RuPay Debit cards.

1. Enter the card credentials at the merchant website while carrying out the online e-commerce transactions.
2. When redirected to RuPay PaySecure system, you will be asked to choose channel in which you want to receive the OTP (One Time Password). It can be mobile number, e-mail or both.
3. After entering the 6-digit OTP (One Time Password) received at your desired channel click submit button. Once the RuPay PaySecure system validates the OTP (One Time Password) your transaction will be completed.

Points to Remember:

1. Keep the OTP received during a transaction, totally confidential and not reveal it to any third party.
2. Take necessary precautions to ensure that the computer device or other device accessing RuPay PaySecure during transactions is guarded from all unauthorized access.
3. In case of non receipt of OTP, kindly click on ‘Resend OTP’ button to receive the same OTP again. The ‘Resend OTP’ button can be used only 3 times during a transaction and after the same the button will be disabled for that transaction.
4. Entering OTP wrongly for 3 time will result in blocking of your ATM card for online transaction. To lift the block you may have to contact your SIB branch or Toll free centre of the bank.