RTGS is an electronic payment system, which provides online settlement of payments between financial institutions. In this system, payment instructions between banks are processed and settled individually and continuously throughout the day. Through RTGS, the customers of South Indian Bank can make payments to the beneficiary’s a/c in another bank and vice-a-versa. Payee banks and their customers receive funds with finality, during the day, enabling them to use the funds immediately without exposing themselves to risk. It is a highly secured system using PKI and includes signing and encryption.

The South Indian Bank started RTGS operations from 16th July 2004 onwards. All the branches of the Bank are RTGS enabled.  Customers of all our branches can avail RTGS services for transferring funds to accounts of other banks; provided those bank branches are also RTGS enabled.


For payments through RTGS, the remitter (customer) is required to submit the 'RTGS Funds Transfer Application Form’ along with his/her cheque for the amount to be transferred plus bank commission at any of our networked branches. The remitter shall be responsible for the accuracy of the particulars given in the RTGS funds Transfer Application Form.

Fund Transfer Amount

Minimum amount for RTGS transaction is Rs.2.00 lac.

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Operational Timings: 


Monday -Saturday 07.00 am to 5.50 pm

*Second and Fourth Saturdays will be holiday from Sept 1st 2015

Operational Timings provided is that of RBI. Transactions at the branch level depends on individual branch business hours

Application for RTGS









IFSC Codes

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