Prepaid Gift Cards

Gifting becomes a beautiful experience with SIB Prepaid Gift Cards. A convenient alternative to cash and gift vouchers, SIB gift card is an ideal gifting solution for any occasion. It saves your valuable time while giving your family and friends the freedom to purchase what they desire.

 South Indian bank is offering Prepaid Gift Cards in RuPay Platform. Now, you can shop any goods or merchandise from a wide range of stores and e-commerce websites across India with this pre loaded gift card. The gift card will be valid till the expiry date mentioned on the card. The minimum amount to be loaded on a Gift Card is Rs.500/- and the maximum amount which can be loaded on a Gift Card is Rs.10,000/-. Gift Cards cannot be used for cash withdrawals and cannot be reloaded. SIB Gift Card can be used for authorizing payments by entering the 4 digit PIN at merchant establishments which accept RuPay cards and online transactions are authorized by OTP.


|A prepaid card, non-reloadable magnetic strip card with 4 digit security PIN.
|This card can be loaded up to Rs. 10,000/- and is available across designated SIB branches.
|This card is acceptable across merchant outlets in India and E-commerce portals.*
*The portal &POS machine should accept RuPay cards.


Terms & Conditions

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