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South Indian Bank Reloadable Prepaid Cards

Reloadable Prepaid Cards are Cards issued with amounts loaded as per customer choice and the same can be replenished (reloaded) as and when required. Unlike Gift Cards, Cash withdrawals are permitted using Reloadable Prepaid Cards. These cards can be issued to Corporate as well as Retail customers.
South Indian Bank is offering Prepaid Cards in RuPay Platform which can be used in India. The card holder can shop any goods or merchandise from a wide range of stores and e-commerce websites across India with this pre-loaded card. SIB Prepaid Card can be used for authorizing payments by entering the 4 digit PIN at merchant establishments which accept RuPay cards. This card will be valid till the expiry date mentioned on it.
The transaction limits associated with SIB Prepaid Card is as below

ATM Withdrawals
Daily Limit :- Rs.30,000/- and
Monthly Limit :- No monthly limit
POS/Online (For Retail Customer)
POS/Online Usage limit :- Rs.100,000/-
POS/Online (For Corporate Customer)
POS/Online Usage limit :- Rs. 50,000/-

Charges Associated with Prepaid Cards

SL No.
Charges in INR
(Applicable Tax Extra)
Issuance Fee / Replacement Fee
Reloading Fee
Encashment Fee
ATM Transactions Fees in SIB ATMs
5.00 for Balance Enquiry and
10.00 for Cash Withdrawal
ATM Transactions Fees in other Bank ATMs
8.00 for Balance Enquiry and
20.00 for Cash Withdrawal

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