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Customers of our Bank are availing capital market services presently through multiple channels. ‘SIBer Trade’ attempts to offer three-in-one (Online trading) model for the benefit of our customers through our Bank.

Benefits to SIB customers
  • Convenience – SIBer Trade helps our customers to easy management of their equity investment portfolio. It offers the convenience of a Financial Supermarket. Customers can open their Savings account, Demat Account and trading account by approaching any of our Branches.
  • No more cheques. The system envisaged is fully online seamless one and customers need not issue cheques for every share purchase, as done usually. Debits/Credits for the purchase/sale of equities will happen automatically to customers Savings accounts.
  • No need to submit Delivery Instruction Slips (DIS) or track the settlement cycles. There is no requirement of submission of DIS by the customers and the chances of auction of shares on forgetting to submit delivery instructions to the DP are now ruled out. 
  • Dynamic display of live stock exchange quotes gives the client immense advantages while trading in stocks.
  • Best Price :Decisions can be made on the latest quotes and orders will reach the stock exchange almost instantaneously, thereby assuring the best price in every transaction. 
  •  Comfort – Client can place the order from anywhere in the world, any time of his choice. Off line orders can also be placed after trade timings 
  • Security - Funds/ shares lie with the bank till the trade is confirmed. Transfer of funds/shares to the broker takes place only after the days trading is over.
  •  Delivery Trading – When the Customer purchases or sells shares in cash trading the shares/funds will normally be credited to the demat/bank account on the settlement day of the stock exchange which is normally two working days after the trading day(T +2)
  •  Margin Trading – Intra Day trades. Customer can trade up to a multiple of the funds allocated keeping margin. The transactions will have to be squared off, before 3 p m on the same day 
  •  Buy Today Sell Tomorrow – What is bought today can be sold tomorrow, even before they are credited to the demat account in select Shares 
  •  Trade over phone – Customers can call a toll free number and sell or buy or place orders with Geojit. Phone 1800-103-5504,91484 3911704  
  •   IPO – Client can also invest in Initial Public Offers also through SIBer Trade. It can be made online also. 
  •  Customers are not losing interest for the unutilized funds 
  •  Customers will be getting contract notes on the same day, by evening through mail.
Demat/Trading Opening Forms are available in all our Branches.
Instructions For Filling Up of Trading Account Opening Forms
(Read the instructions given on the back of front cover and page 51 and 52 of trading form before filling up the Trading form) 
  • All spaces should be filled up mandatorily and should be accompanied by valid self attested documentary proof and verified by Branch official with seal “Verified with Original”. 
  • There should not be multiple signatures in pages. (ie Customer should not put more than one signature at the places marked for signature.)
  • Signatures in PAN Card and Account Opening booklet should match. If the signature in the trading booklet is not matching with PAN card signature, client has to submit a signature confirmation letter signed by our Branch Manager. 
  • Any page where signatures are found cut off will not be accepted and fresh booklet should be taken up (that means extra cost for the form)
  • A booklet which has been partly used by a client cannot be used by another client.
  • Photograph has to be Passport size Photograph with white background and projecting 80% of the face of the client.
  • Proof like telephone bill, electricity bill, bank statement or any such valid document should be of a very recent date. Old ones beyond two months will not be accepted.
  • Clients have to mention permanent address and communication address in the booklet. Residence address is compulsory. Trade codes will not be allotted if the client gives office address only. (Proof required for all of the addresses mentioned) 
  • Name in Trading/Demat a/c and PAN Card should be same. If there is any spelling error in clients name in the PAN card, the client will have to rectify the same in PAN card, by approaching the IT authorities or the designated agencies like UTI, Karvy etc.
  • Photostat copies of pages of trading booklet is not acceptable.
  • Passports issued outside India, will not be accepted as address proof. 
  • Clients have to mention the mail id in the trading booklet in capital letters, without which the trading form will be rejected. 
  • Foreign mobile numbers (ISD numbers), will not be accepted.
  • Customer shall put his signatures at the marked places on page 1,5, 7 to 29,31,33,35,37,39,41,43,45,49 (total 36 signatures of customer).
    a.Two signatures of customer in page 7,13,
    b.Joint holders if any should also sign on page 31,37,41
  • Trading booklet will be immediately given on opening of the a/c. Cover attached to the trading booklet contains your Password and PIN no. Customers are required to keep safe custody of the same. 
  • Branch Manager will sign under ‘introduced by’ on page 5, and under ‘authorized by’ on page 6, and also as witness No 1 on page 37, with his official seal.
  • Asst Manager of the branch will sign as ‘interviewer’ on page 5, under ‘documents verified by’ on page 6, and on page 52 for ‘Check list verification’. He will put his signature under official seal and with signature code.
  • There should be two witnesses on Page 37. One will be by the Branch Manager and Asst Manager or one of the staff may sign with name and short address as second witness of POA.
  • Kindly ensure that the same date and place is mentioned in all spaces provided for the said purpose.
  • KYC Norms will be strictly followed.
  • Latest bank a/c statement, proof of demat a/c. duly signed by an officer of SIB, should be submitted.
  • Fill the details and signatures in black/blue ball pen.
  • Tariff Agreement Form No 98 provided by the Bank to be signed by all Demat/Trading Customers
if you are still having queries please mail your queries to mail id [email protected] and get it clarified

The Process of Trading
  • Customer has to first allocate funds in his bank account before he start buying.
  • The amount so blocked is the buying power of the customer.
  • Customers can block any number of times and there is no limit for the amount that can be blocked for trading.
  • A buy order can be placed now. The order can be placed either as limit fixing a price or as market order.
  • The order is immediately sent to the stock exchange for execution.
  • While selling, the system will check the balance in the demat account automatically and if sufficient balance is available in the Demat account, will proceed to send the order for sale of shares to the exchange. 
  • The customer can also modify/cancel the order before executing it.
  • Funds will be transferred from the bank/demat account only at the end of the trading day.
  • Credit of funds/securities will be done after receipt of the same from the stock exchange.
  • Customers can view their Savings account balance, blocked amounts, demat holdings on the trading screen under DP holdings .
  • Customers will be having access to Geojit’s research reports, corporate information, technical analysis, Reuter News etc.
  • Credit of shares/ pay out of funds will be on T+2 i.e. after two working days from trading day.
  • The minimum purchase order will have to be Rs.1000/- or above. There is no minimum stipulation for sale of shares.  
The brokerage payable to Geojit at present is as follows:
 * There will be minimum brokerage criteria for small lots
Added Features
  • Customers will be getting Contract notes on the same day evening through e-mail.
  • Customers can avail the Research reports, technical analysis, corporate information, Reuter’s news etc available to help the client to take their own decisions for trading
  • There will be Exclusive toll free number, e-mail ID and exclusive team of executives to cater to client requirements. Phone 1800-103-5504,91484 3911704
  • For FAQs and free demo, kindly visit the website of Geojit. through our website

Nature of Transaction Online Brokerage Rate * Call Center Brokerage Rate*
Delivery transactions in Cash segment 0.30% 0.50%
Intra day transactions in Cash segment 0.04% 0.075%
Futures transactions in F&O segment Rs.75/- per lot 0.075%
Options transactions in F&O segment Rs.75/- per lot 2.5% or Rs.100/- whichever is higher

Caution note to all our customers and prospects

'Stock market investments are subject to market risk. There is a risk of significant loss in trading stocks and stock options and you should carefully consider your financial position before making any trade.'

For Details regarding Demat account opening etc please see Value added services-Demat Services.

For more Details Contact any of our branches or e mail [email protected],

Telefax: 0484 2351923
Now opening a Three in One account in South Indian Bank has become more easy. Just provide us with your details and our representatives will be at your doorsteps to help you all the way