Frequently Asked Questions

What is PaySecure?

PaySecure is a payment service that allows you to use your South Indian Bank RuPay Debit card for online purchases. It uses a simplified yet secure architecture offering additional security.

What if the card is lost?

Please contact South Indian Bank to apply for a new PIN/card. 

What if my card is expired?

You will receive a Fresh South Indian Bank Debit Card before the expiry of the Card. Please use the new Card to transact online.  

What is CVD (Card Validation Data)?

It's a three digit number printed at the back of your RuPay Card. 

How can I get my One Time Password (OTP)?

You will get it on your mobile number/email id that is registered with South Indian Bank. 

How long is the OTP valid?

OTP is valid for 30 minutes. 

What happens if the screen shows an error message after entering the OTP?

Contact South Indian Bank immediately by email at : [email protected] /[email protected] /[email protected] by phone at:1800 102 9408 (Toll Free India) or 1800 425 1809 (BSNL)(Toll Free India) or 91-484 2388555 or +91 9446475458 or +91 484 2771343 or +91 484 3939345.