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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dear Customer ,

“We welcome you to this questionnaire session and want to empower you as our proud customer by making you a part of our decision making process as our decisions are aimed at serving you the best”

We are aware of how valuable your time is. Thus, this initiative, that will help us save your time in future.

Come let us engage ourselves in a meaningful conversation. Support us in this new endeavour to ‘Serve You Better’ by telling us of how you rate our relationship.

Do tell us of your moments of joy, moments of dissatisfaction and also your expectations upon us with regard to our pleasurable business of serving you.

You may kindly participate in the ‘online customer satisfaction survey


Kindly fill up the feedback form’ and send the same either by post to the following address or email as an attachment to [email protected]


Customer Care Centre
Planning Department,
Head Office, PB No.28
T.B Road , Mission Quarters
Thrissur - 680 001
Kerala, INDIA.