SIB-OneCard Credit Card

South Indian Bank brings you the 100% digital Credit Card of your dreams, an irresistible blend of convenience and security, with the brand-new SIB-OneCard Credit Card. A premium metal-based Credit Card fully controllable via the OneCard app, the SIB-OneCard Credit Card is truly ‘Next Generation’. With instant virtual card issuance and linked to the attractive Reward Points system, a world of possibilities awaits you with the SIB-OneCard Credit Card.


Why the SIB-OneCard Credit Card?

  • Lifetime-free Credit Card with zero joining and annual fees
  • Premium metal-based card on the Visa Signature platform
  • 100% digital customer on-boarding process
  • Instant virtual card issuance
  • Fully controllable from the OneCard app
  • Among the lowest Forex fees in the market at just 1%
  • Easy management of EMIs from the EMI Dashboard in the app
  • Instant issuance of Reward Points and easy redemption within the app
  • Tap your card at an NFC PoS terminal to make contactless payments of up to Rs. 5,000 per day without PIN

Reward yourself with the SIB-OneCard Credit Card!

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