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For meeting personal / family finance requirements including expenses towards purchase of household articles / white goods/ electronic/ computer equipments, peripherals/ expense for medical treatment/ inland or foreign leisure travel/ inland or foreign business travel / travel abroad on employment contract.
For persons traveling abroad on employment contract - Certified copy of international qualifying examination like CGFNS / IELTS, certified copy of valid Passport; certified copy of Employment offer letter / Work permit, certified copy of registration obtained by the recruitment agency etc to be obtained.
Max. Quantum of Loan
50% of the average annual remittance to their NRI account /spouse’s domestic account (excluding bulk remittance) subject to a maximum loan of Rs. 10.00 lacs.
Mode of Disbursement
By credit to NRO account only .
i.   For SB account holders whose salary is credited to the account : Third party guarantee optional
ii. For persons going abroad on employment :
·         Up to Rs 3.00 lac - one guarantor.
·         Above Rs 3.00 lac - Property/ acceptable collateral security for 125% of loan amount.
For others - at least one guarantor having Net worth not less than 1.5 times of the loan amount.  
Rate of Interest
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Upfront Fee
One-time upfront fee 0.50% of the loan amount
Repayment period
Maximum 48 months (EMIs)
*All loans are subject to the discretion of the bank and subject to such conditions as may be stipulated by the Bank. Interest rates are subject to change without notice
The scheme details are furnished in brief only. For more details please contact any of the branches near you. Click here for Branch Network