NRE Current Account

General Information:

Looking for interest free NRE account! Here we present our Feature RICH NRE current account that best suits your requirements.
A Current Account with SIB allows you to route all your personal financial transactions in a secure and convenient way. The modified features applicable as of 1st September 2023 are outlined below.

Account can be opened with 

  •    direct remittance from abroad
  •    transfer from existing NRE, FCNR(B) accounts
  •    foreign currency note, travellers cheque tendered personally by NRIs during their visit to India.

 • Only individuals are permitted to open the account.
 • Joint accounts are permitted.
 • Residents in India can be authorized to operate the account for local payments through Power of Attorney.
 • Standing instruction for remittance of insurance premium, rent etc.
 • Value Added Services such as Global ATM-cum-Debit Card, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking etc.
 • Repatriation of credit balance permitted.
 • Balance is exempt from wealth tax.
You may choose one of the following types of NRE Current Accounts.