MIZA - NRO Current Account

Have an advantage by availing the following special features by just maintaining Monthly Average Balance of Rs. 5000

  • Free Domestic only EMV Debit card. 
  • No AMC on Debit card for basic variant.
  • No Cash handling charges.
  • Enhanced NEFT/RTGS fund transfer limit of Rs. 2,00,000 per month.
  • Free 50 cheque leaves every year.
  • Free withdrawal of cash through branches other than parent branch.
  • Free Movement of funds other than by way of cash.
  • Free NEFT/RTGS inward Fund Transfer.
  • 10 Free Transactions through other bank ATMs in India.
  • Payable at Par Cheques that can be presented in any of our branches
  • Anywhere Banking Facility.
  • Free Fund transfer using internet banking within the bank.

For more details SMS<MIZA> to 9840777222                                

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