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Update Your KYC Details

In accordance with RBI (Reserve Bank of India) guidelines on KYC (Know Your Customer) norms, banks are mandated to periodically update its customer's identification data including the proof of identity and NRI status proof.

Steps for updating KYC Details

Before you proceed with submitting this request, please keep duly signed scan copies of each document in pdf format not exceeding 500 KB size.

Enter account number followed by captcha validation
Upload the following documents against the correct field

  • Valid passport (Please ensure that First and Last Pages of the Passport are part of a single file)
  • Documents issued by government departments of foreign jurisdictions - Examples of such documents would be valid Visa, valid Residence permit, valid ID documents with address, PIO / OCI Card, etc.
  • PAN/ Form 60 (if PAN is not available)
  • FATCA/ CRS Declaration- (may be downloaded from home pageDownload formsFATCA and CRS )

Tourist and B1/B2 visas are not acceptable.