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Citizens' Charter

The ability of the banking industry to achieve the socio-economic objectives and in the process bringing more and more customers into its fold will ultimately depend on the satisfaction of the customers. We have a strong belief that a satisfied customer is the foremost factor in developing our business.
A need was felt by us at South Indian Bank that in order to become more customer friendly the bank should come out with charter of its services for the customers. Citizens’ Charter concept was considered as a base instrument to fill this need and accordingly this document was prepared. This document was made in consultation with the users and highlights South Indian Bank’s commitment towards the customer satisfaction, thus ensuring accountability and responsibility amongst its officials and staff. This charter for customers not only explains our commitments and responsibilities along with the redressal methods but also specifies the obligation on part of customers for healthy practices in customer-banker relationships.
This is not a legal document creating rights and obligations. The Charter has been prepared to promote fair banking practices and to give information in respect of various activities relating to customer service.
We wish to acknowledge the initiative taken by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India and Ministry of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, RBI & IBA for encouraging us to bring out this Citizens’ Charter.
We maintain constant consultations with our clientele through various Seminars, Customer Meets, etc. to evaluate improve and widen the range of service to customer. However, all our customers are requested to keep us informed of their experiences about the various services rendered by the Bank and feel free to comment on this Charter. We intend to bring it out in many more Regional languages in subsequent years.


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