Purpose: Working capital

Package of Finance: CCOL for maximum 12 months

Quantum of Finance: Minimum: Rs. 5.00 Lakhs

Maximum: Rs. 500.00 Lakhs

Rate of Interest: Click here to view the latest Rate of Interest

Primary Security Minimum Margin

1. Hypothecation/pledge of goods (Perishable goods and goods
under selective credit control shall not be accepted) or/ and

25.00 %

2. Hypothecation of book debts not older than 4 months (Advance
against book debts shall not exceed 40% of total credit under this

40.00 %

Collateral security:

1. In acceptable forms such as NSC, KVP, Surrender Value of LIC, deposit receipt of our bank, post office deposits etc, under pledge with lien noted by the issuers/gold ornaments under pledge with formalities applicable to our general gold loans.(Permissible finance per gram for Gold loans shall be reckoned as the Collateral Value)

  • Should be at least equal to the loan amount.


2. EM of Unencumbered property (with branch/expert valuation where ever applicable)

  • Should be at least 150% for loans up to and including Rs.20.00 lacs.
  • Should be at least 110% for loans above Rs.20.00 lacs.