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SIB UPI POS [Scan & Pay]

SIB UPI POS is the QR based collection solution developed by South Indian Bank in the UPI platform. It will enable all our Merchant customers to receive payments for everyday sales and business activities. You will be provided with a customised QR Standee & Sticker for enabling payment receipts. 

We have developed an exclusive mobile application called SIB UPI POS and a Web Portal for viewing and managing the UPI transactions received through the issued QR code.

Features in Mobile App:
  1. Latest 5 transactions in dashboard with real time update.
  2. Transactions history for selected date range.
  3. Dynamic QR code creation for particular payment.
  4. Share static QR code along with VPA for receiving payment.
  5. Voice based notification facility for all successful transactions.
Click here to Download SIB UPI POS Mobile App
Features in the Web portal
  1. Transactions of multiple VPA IDs linked under a single account can be seen in Admin Portal.
  2. For each VPA ID separate staff user can be created through Admin portal.
  3. In each staff portal, the user can download the statement of VPA id and can save the report as excel.
  4. An admin module for each account can be given to track and manage the users assigned for each VPA id in that account.
  5. In Admin portal there is facility to take total UPI statement and also statement of specific VPA id’s assigned under that particular account.
  6. Voice based notification facility for all successful transactions.
Modes of UPI POS transactions
You can receive payments using two different modes:
  1. Dynamic QR Code: An instant QR code can be generated using the SIB UPI POS App for each transaction and customer scan it and pay using any UPI App. You will have the SIB UPI POS App in your mobile and the same can be kept at the counter. As part of each billing, you will have to enter the bill amount in the mobile app and a corresponding QR code will be generated in the mobile app. The customer who has to pay shall scan this QR code using any UPI app and make the payment.
  2. Static QR Code (QR Standee & Sticker): You can place the static QR code provided by the Bank at the counter and customers can scan it and pay using any UPI App.

Registration & Activation process for SIB UPI POS app


You have to apply for SIB UPI POS by submitting an application form in the branch. After registration, you will be issued with QR Standee & Sticker. You can opt for multiple virtual addresses (VPAs) if required for a single account, for which separate application form need to be submitted at the branch. You have to download the SIB UPI POS application in the mobile device and complete the sign-up process. Follow the below steps for signing up for the mobile app:

  • Enter the mobile number registered with Bank which was mentioned while submitting application form.
  • Enter the last 5 digit of account number.
  • Mobile number and account number will be validated and OTP will be sent to the mobile number.
  • After entering the OTP, select the required virtual id (VPA) linked to the mobile number from the drop down list for completing the registration process.

Registration & Activation process for SIB UPI POS Web Portal:


Bank is providing two kinds of Web Portal facility for the UPI Merchant customers – Admin portal & Staff Portal. Admin portal is intended for the Admin users and Staff portal shall be provided to the staff who are attending the customers at counters. The steps for activating the web portals is given below:

  • After successful processing of application form, Admin portal will be auto registered for the customer. The password for Admin portal can be created by the user by clicking on the “Register” option in the web portal Homepage.
  • Admin user can create staff users through the Admin portal. Such staff user only will be allowed to use the Staff web portal facility for tracking UPI Payments. Follow below path for creating a Staff user through Admin portal:
    • Admin portal Login->Store User->Select VPA->Create User->Select VPA ID->Create Username & Password
  • After a staff user is successfully created, such users can login to Web Portal Link for Staffs / Outlets / stores using Username & Password created by Admin user.
    • Click here for logging into Web Portal Link for Staffs / Outlets / stores
Click here for SIB UPI POS Application form

Click here for SIB UPI POS Terms & Conditions[version 2 dated 24-11-2022]

Click here for SIB UPI POS Terms & Conditions[version 1]

Rupay credit card in SIB UPI POS:

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is an instant real-time payment system developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) facilitating inter-bank Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Person-to Merchant (P2M) transactions. SIB UPI POS is the solution developed by our bank in the UPI platform, for our Merchant customers to receive payments from the day to day sale.

South Indian Bank has enabled Rupay Credit Card in UPI platform.The transaction charges (MDR) is 1.2% of value of transaction for Rupay credit cards subject to time to time revision.