Scheme details

Working Capital

Type of Facility

GST based Overdraft facility

Quantum Of Finance

10.00 Lakhs to 2.00 Crore

Eligible Business Entities

Sole banking MSME enterprises and Agro processing units having at least 3 year’s existence in business. (Separate approval required for 2 to < 3 years)

(Non GST units, Contractors, Construction Companies / Builders are not eligible under the scheme)

Mandatory requirement
  • Udyam & GST Registration
  • Applicant entity should report net profit after tax as per the latest financials

Collateral security:     

Essential Documents to be collected for processing

Part A (Entity related)

a.       GST Registration Certificate

b.      UDYAM Registration Certificate

c.       PAN Number

d.      Proof of entity (Sole Proprietorship Declaration/ Memorandum and articles of association of the Company/Existing Partnership Deed etc.)

e.       Last one year financial statement of the business.

f.         One year account statement (directly downloaded)

Part B (Promoter & Property related)

g.      Proof of identity: PAN Card, Aadhaar & any address proof of proprietor/partners / Directors).(Voter Id, DL, Passport etc)

h.      All Property related documents

Other Documents to be Obtained

1.      Local Body License/ Statutory license ( to be obtained and kept in records)

2.      INW statement of promoters and guarantors.

3.      Rent Agreement (if business premises on rent). In case of own premises, proof of ownership.

4.      Any other documents/license as required on the basis of line of activity