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Fast, reliable and with minimal charges, money transfers with South Indian Bank is a no-hassle affair. Be it within the country or abroad , our online money transfer services, make the business of transferring money look one of the easiest jobs. With all our branches networked under the Core Banking system, you can send and receive money in an instant and meet your urgent needs.


RTGS Operational Timings
Monday -Friday
7.00 am to 5.50 pm
*Second and Fourth Saturdays will be holiday from Sept 1st 2015

NEFT transactions will be available 24*7 for online transactions such as internet banking, mobile banking, rap (foreign inward remittance and hi-hi banking) w.e f from 16th December 2019.

Operational Timings provided is that of RBI. Transactions at the branch level depends on individual branch business hours.

NEFT batches are settled in half hourly batches starting at 08.00 hours. So customers are requested to submit their applications at least 20 minutes prior to the batch settlement time.