Scheme Details
Target Group
Corporate/Principal who are engaged in activities viz. Manufacture, Retail Chain, EPC, E-Commerce or Trade of imported/domestic manufactured tradable consumer/ industrial goods, machinery, vehicles and satisfies the following criteria.
  1. Minimum annual turnover of 500 Cr for CBD-Payable & 1000 Cr for CBD-Receivable
  2. Minimum External Rating of ‘A’ & above
Additional Eligibility Criteria
  1. No cheque return in the Corporate account with reason “Funds Insufficient” in past 6 months.
  2. No instance of SMA-1 & SMA-2 classification of Corporate in past 12 months.
a) CBD-Payable: To finance the corporate for the purchases from vendors
b) CBD-Receivable: To finance the corporate against its sales receivables
Nature of Facility
Bill Discounting
Eligible list of Industries
  1. FMCG & Consumer Durables
  2. Automobile & Ancillary Industry
  3. Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry
  4. Electronics & Engineering Industry
  5. Electrical & Light fittings, Fluorescent/ LED/ LCD lighting devices & lamps.
  6. Paints & Pigments Industry
  7. Metal & Metal Products Industry
  8. Food & Agro Industries
  9. Chemical & Beverages Industries
  10. Garment Industries
  11. Retail Chain Companies
  12. E – Commerce Industries
  13. Oil & Gas
Quantum Of Finance
Minimum – Rs. 5.00 Crores
Maximum – Rs. 50.00 Crores
Working Capital Need
Usance Period
Maximum:90 days
Primary Security:
  1. Accepted invoice & delivery challan.
  2. Accepted Bills of Exchange/ Demand bills, if available.           
Collateral security:
  • Nil
Rate Of Interest
Documents to be obtained from the Principal
  1. Previous 3 Year’s audited financials & Un-audited quarterly results.
  2. Estimated balance sheet & profit or loss account for the current year.
  3. Projected balance sheet & profit or loss account for the next year.
  4. All necessary KYC Documents.
  5. Past 12 months Bank Account Statement.
  6. List of approved Vendors, whose bills have to be discounted.
Processing Fee
1% of the sanctioned limit
Bureau Check
Satisfactory history of corporate and directors in CIC/CRILC/RBI Defaulter’s list/Willful defaulter’s list/Probe42/SAL list by ECGC.