On introduction of the prestigious centralized core banking solution in technology partnership with the Infosys Technologies Ltd., South Indian Bank is now providing absolutely on-line anywhere banking facilities at all its branches, covering all the major centres in the country.

Two anywhere banking products are now offered by the Bank to its privileged customers.

SIB PRIVILEGE CARD for individuals

SIB PREMIUM for the business class


This is a multi-purpose photo card issued to an SIB-Privilege account holder which can be used in all the ATMs of the Bank and ATMs of other member banks exhibiting Infinet/Cirrus logo, and also at POS terminals exhibiting ‘Maestro’ logo. The SIB-Privilege Card can be linked to any three SB accounts of the customer and on-line fund transfer upto Rs.1,00,000/- is allowed between these three accounts, through ATMs. The privilege card holders can withdrawn money (free upto Rs.20,000/- per day) at the networked branches, by using the specially designed/personalized privilege cheques, provided in the account. For maintaining an SIB-Privilege account, an average monthly credit balance of Rs.5,000/- is stipulated. All the facilities available in SIB-Premium accounts are available in SIB-Privilege accounts also.


This is a unique current/overdraft account introduced for the benefit of the business class for providing anywhere banking facility. For full details of the scheme please see our page SIB PREMIUM