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Education Fee Collection

As a part of Bank’s commitment to extend value added banking facilities to the student community and educational institutions, bank has made fee collection arrangements with following educational institutions:

  1. Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology, Rajagiri Valley, Kakkanad.
  2. Marian Engineering College, Kazhakuttom, Trivandrum. 
  3. Viswajyothi CMI School, Angamali. 
  4. Brilliant Study Center, Pala.
  5. VishwaJyothi College of Engineering & Technology, Vazhakulam
  6. Marygiri Public School
  7. Silver Hills Public School, Silver Hills Higher Secondary School & Silver Hills KinterGarten
  8. Sacred Heart School,Mookkannur
  9. Rajagiri Higher Secondary School,Kalamassery
  10. The Indian engineering college
  11. The Indian Polytechnical College
  12. Vijnanapeedom English Medium & Vijnanapeedom Public School
  13. Christhu Jayanthi Kindergarten, Christhu Jayanthi Public School & Christhu Jayanthi Public And Kindergarten Bus Fee
  14. Naipunya Institute Of Management and Info Tech
  15. Jaibharath College of Management And Engg Tech,Jaibharath Arts and Science College, Jaibharath School Of Management Studies & Jaibharath School Of Management Studies.
  16. DePaul Institute Of Science And Tech
  17. St Claret School
  18. Toc-H Public School & Toc-H Cochin Trust
  19. MSM ITI

Features / Terms & Conditions:

  • Fees can be remitted at any branch of the Bank either by cash or transfer. 
  • The service is offered free of service charges. 
  • Fees will be accepted only for those students whose roll number matches with details provided by the institution for each fee collection cycle. 
  • Fee amount remitted should be the same as the fee amount that has been provided by the institution for the respective roll number. 
  •  The remittance challan (which is institution specific) has to be filled up in all respects and with full details as required by the institution. 
  •  Fees in form of cash will be accepted till the due date for fee collection as informed by the institution. 
  •  In case of Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology, local cheques and demand drafts are also accepted. In such cases 2 to 3 working days are required for realization and such instruments shall be lodged well ahead of the due date. 
  •  For further details / challan forms, please contact our nearest branch