Security Tips
  • Type URL to Access SIBerNet
    Always type the address of the bank's website in the address bar of your browser. Make sure that the page opening up is genuine.
  • Sibernet Credentials Needed
    User ID [(8 characters- in case of personal or 10 characters in case of instant user id's)], Sign on Password and Transaction Password
  • Use Virtual Key Board
    Using the virtual keyboard (VKB) wherever available would help prevent key-logger compromises as in such cases the keyboard is not being used for the input.
  • Do Not Share Your Password
    Never Disclose/share your credentials with any person. South Indian Bank officials will never ask you for your Internet Banking Passwords.
  • Do Not Store Your Password
    Do not store passwords in a file on any device (including mobile or similar devices) without encryption. Do not let your computer remember your password. Never accept auto complete option provided by your computer/ browser.
  • Login Frequently and Check your Account
    Logging into the SIBerNet not only helps you keep track of your accounts online but also enables you to notice and stop any fraudulent activity quickly.
  • Change Password Frequently
    Use best practices for creating strong passwords. Change passwords at least once every 180days (One hundred eighty days)
  • Check your Last Login Time
    Check the date and time of your last login when logged in to Sibernet, to ensure there has been no compromises.
  • Be Vigilant & Be Safe against any form of Phishing
    Never fill in any form that you have accessed via a link through, e-mail or from any source other than from the bank with sensitive data such as User-ID, Password, PINs, and other account related information.
  • Never leave your session Unattended
    Do not leave your internet banking session unattended. Always logout completely. Make sure that you have: a) Logout the application by clicking on logout button. b) Close all the browser windows
  • Clear Browser Cache
    Always clear your browser cache after each session
  • Never access SIBerNet from Public Computers
    Never access internet banking from Cyber cafés and other public computer .Always access SIBerNet using your personal computers, as it will reduce the chances of ID theft, Phishing etc.
  • Use only recommended Browsers
    Please ensure safe banking through Internet .SIBerNet is best accessed using Internet Explorer version 5.5 & above and Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 & above, with a screen resolution 1024 by 768 pixels.
  • SSL Certification for secure page
    Please note that the login page of Sibernet has a padlock image at the bottom. The URL (address) would be secured beginning with https://. The details of the digital certificate can be viewed by clicking on the padlock image.